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We produce live events to end global hunger.

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Our experienced concert promoters and festival producers deliver fun, versatile music and cultural events for a cause…to raise funds and awareness about the United  Nation’s goal of “Zero Hunger by 2063.

Art, Comedy, & Fashion Shows

By purchasing a ticket to any of our comedy, fashion and art shows we produce, a generous portion of the proceeds will support small humanitarian organizations on the frontlines to end hunger.

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Whether online or offline, our cause-related events satisfies a wide variety of tastes. Catch a live streaming concert, shop with us and check out our blogs to see the progress we’re making to eradicate hunger.

Statistics on Global Hunger

A Collective Effort

“End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.” – Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger

United Nations

Stories on the Frontlines Food Justice Activists

We need donations for food!

Help us purchase some refrigerated vans for food justice work in Los Angeles..

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Food bank support

Purchasing a ticket to our events helps support local and global food pantries.

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Food and other supplies

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